August 18, 2008

WoW movie gems.

Sometimes I stumble upon some World of Warcraft videos that just need to be remembered. There are such gems out there, I wish I could be as creative and stylish -

The Demise
This video just blew me away. It is so beautiful, yet so sad.
I love how it is so different and is almost like a painted picture.

Azeroth Walk
It is short, yet something totally different. Might be the only video done with stop motion out there.

Ring Of Valor 2
I'm not a big fan of PvP videos, but this truely stands out from all the rest. It has style and is funny as well.

August 14, 2008


I'm taking a WoW break for at least a week. I feel burnt out again and tired, so it's that time again. Everytime shortly before the next expansion hits, World of Warcraft is getting on my nerves. There is a lot to do, but with most of it (raiding, gearing up, doing dailies for reputation) - you ask yourself "For what?". New expansion will hit in October / November I guess, and everything you are doing will be worth exactly ZERO.

So I will have a look at Mount Hyjal today, and then I'm off to think about what I want to do until the expansion comes out, or if I won't wait and quit the game altogether.

August 05, 2008


I haven't posted here in a long time, and much has happened since.
Pokayoke is of course 70 by now and has gone through being a healer, being enhancer and back to healer again.

Being Enhance Shaman was fun, was a few times in Karazhan, got some nice loot and got nice weapons and some good gear now. But now that I have grinded some of the reputation, have done dailies, went fishing - have maxed out the professions, now it is time to go back to healing.

In the meantime, Duh got his mage to 70, and has left the server again because, well, I have no clue what he wanted anyway- I think he has neither. So he went back to my old server and is raiding once more, and I'll stay with Pokayoke and get my healgear going. Only bad thing is, nobody needs a healer - during my vacation I only managed to run one lousy instance in 4 days and I was in the goddamn LFG channel the whole time.

So, for lack of a damage dealer I am currently leveling a Bloodelf hunter, he is going to be 30 the coming week-end and it is fun to actually level a hunter once more. So I will have a farmbot in no time.

Healing with a Shaman is also fun, so I'll keep the spec, even though it is difficult to get into non-heroic groups. If I can run Karazhan a few times more, I will be able to heal heroics, I hope that I won't disappoint. But Chain Heal is heaven, I tell you.

As long as my guild keeps supporting her, I'm going to be fine.
On my old server, some people have come back from playing AoC, but still nothing really pulls me back there. My old guild there is broken into different groups, there's no real sense of togetherness anymore. And I need that, I know that Duh for example doesn't care in which guild he is as long as he can do something that "gets him somewhere" and there are many people alike. But I need a sense that you can also count on people to help out others with no own agenda. But that is lacking there completely. So I'm fine with the guild I found with Pokayoke, even though we have ups and downs as well, but nothing is more depressing than when you are online or in a raid with your guild and nobody is talking...

Like in Karazhan on Sunday - which was the last run I organized- I'm done pleading with people to come and help out in Karazhan anymore. I know that raiding with the partner guild is much much more important than help gearing people of your own guild who can't go there.

Yes, that was meant sarcastic. I'm pretty much annoyed with them all, and need a break from seeing my old guild break into pieces...