April 24, 2008

Poka's to do and to get list. Shinies!

Leveling up to 70 should be a piece of cake (manical laughter in the background), so what do I need to do and what should I'll be getting when I'm level 70?

Necklace: [Vindicator's Pendant of Salvation] (15.300 HP, 10 Eye of the Storm)
Ring1: [Vindicator's Band of Salvation] (15.300 HP, 10 Alterac)
Ring2: [Ancestral Band] (Thrallmar Revered)
Trinket1: [Lower City Prayerbook] (Lower City Revered)
Trinket2: [Alchemist's Stone] (Alchemy 350, 5 Primal Might, 1 Earthstorm diamond, 1 Skyfire diamond, 2 Fel Lotus)
Weapon: [Hand of Eternity] (Blacksmithing) / [Gavel of Pure Light] (The Sha'tar Exalted)
Offhand: [Crystal Pulse Shield] (Auction House)

Ramparts Rampage

Pokayoke went to Ramparts last night to heal her first 5-man instance, ever. Two druids (one bear and a Boomkin), a Warlock and two Shamans (me and an Enhancer).

First pull, the bear didn't see that the second mob ran straight to me and I guess saw nothing but his big butt... so while I was off-tanking the add and healing I thought that this will be interesting and 'can I have my Fade button please?'.

So the bear was new to tanking, and I was new to healing with a Shaman.
We did wipe twice during the whole run, once on a 6-man group and then on the final boss.

It wasn't too bad, I had worse groups in there. The bad thing was that at the end, healer pants dropped and the Moonkin won the roll. WTF?
One more on my ignore-list. He was getting on my nerves about my specc and I actually was at the point where I just wanted to say that he should go over to elitistjerks.com and have a look at the post about Restoration Shamans and that he could actually learn something there.

I didn't even say anything about the warlock having his voidwalker out all the time and giving us no healthstone even after I asked for one... maybe a voidwalker was just his thing, who knows?

Usual random group, not very rewarding, but at least I learned something about healing with her and got a bit of XP.

April 23, 2008

Shaman builds and leveling

I have been trying to figure out how to level Pokayoke to 70.
She is now Elemental and still in the transition phase gear-wise from Enhancement to Spell-gear. I don't have leatherworking, so getting gear is limited to quests. I've been taking the mail/leather and all the stuff with spelldamage on it. But it's a bit less powerfull still than the kind of damage I did as Enhancement.

Still, I won't go back to that, I have been thinking about a healing specc instead. I don't do that much damage anyway, so I've been getting used to long fights and a bit of a frustrating questspeed.

But really, what's the rush? I have all the time in the world and leveling on a PvP server is harder anyway. The interruptions from getting killed by random 70ish-level-players who farm there or do the dailies, is enough of a hold-up. Why not take the chance to do the instances for reputation? They always look for healers. And even if I don't have any healgear at the moment, should be fun to start healing. I could go back to Elemental if I can't kill anything with that specc.

I'm thinking about it.


April 21, 2008

Ding! 60! Poka!

Small Ding! for my Shaman, she reached level 60 yesterday. ;) Having gotten through the dreaded 50-span she now quests in Outland has a ton of fun there. Even though now I really get to know the PvP aspect of the server (*hugs* to my guild to come and rescue me) - but still fun.

Taking a big break from raiding, different reasons. I'm just fed up with everything that's all.

April 10, 2008

To Kara, or not to Kara?

I have been thinking about what I want to do in this game until WotLK hits us in fall (maybe) - I want several things, all revolving around having enough heroic badges. Nothing to do with Zul'Aman or SSC or TK. Just Karazhan and I'm happy. So I've decided to give it a half-hearted shot. Only half-hearted because I know that people will always want to run Kara, just not in the right setup. There will be no healers and without healers it's going to be either that I will have to re-specc my Pala to healing again just to get the badges and watch others tank or go with my Priest.

I'm curious if I do get a bunch of players with whom you can actually farm badges. Not only equipp twinks. I think it will be almost impossible, but hey, maybe I will be pleasantly surprised?

And what about my Shaman? Will Epic-Badgeloot get the better of me and will she ever see Outland?


April 02, 2008

Sunwell, Poka and stuff that bugs me

Since I last posted here, Sergej dinged 70, Moonseed went from Feral to Tree to Feral again - and Brazer is back to being a tank. Sunwell and patch 2.4 has hit the realms and people are doing dailies like crazy. I try to limit my efforts to do the Nagrand and the attack-plan ones, they are fairly simple and when I'm in the mood and have Ryo with me I can be swayed to go to the island and do some more.

Ziral is friendly with Sunwell Offensive, Brazer will be Exalted some day I hope. The Jewelcrafting recipes are just too good to let them just go. But there are too many people doing the dailies right now to actually have fun.

I will wait some more and in the meantime try to bring my Shaman Pokayoke to Outland on the other server. She dinged 55 yesterday, so only 3 more levels to go... I've been trying to stay off Dun Morogh, it's nothing more than grief to feel as if I'm left behind again, and the best part was last night I was logging on and Duh was actually in an Arena. I had been trying to get him there for months, but he said it was just something that he didn't like trying. It felt odd, to fall for the same bullshit again -- so I disbanded our unused 2v2 team and left to go play my Shaman again.

Ryo asked me not to let him chase me off the server and just ignore him altogether, but then I come to thinking on how things do change between people and how things always repeat themselves. I've been there with another mage before who droped me just as easily. As long as you are of some use to them, they tolerate you (I can't put it differently, it's not personal, it's just that one is useful at the time) and if they find new people who are much more useful to them (or are online earlier than you are) you are just watching them do all the stuff you planned on doing, from the sidelines.

That is a bit bitter. So I will stick to do things in this game with people I know, who actually call me to ask if I wanna come play with them, not chasing people around and asking them to do things they don't care about with people they don't care about. Time is just too precious, and yes, this is only a game. But time consuming nonetheless, so you should spend that time with people who actually have fun doing stuff with you, not pretending to have fun just so they can get more badges...

On another note, Ryo and I have started the "FRF" (Fun Raid Friday) - we were in Zul'Gurub and last Friday it was AQ20, next up is Molten Core this Friday, so I'm looking forward to seeing some old instances again.

Need a break from the new stuff and from people who do things only if it gets them somewhere (whereever that is really) and concentrate on things I want to do. And if that is not playing, I'll do just that and if that is having fun in ancient instances, then I'll do just that.