December 08, 2008

Another Ding! bites the dust

My druid Moonseed on Dun Morogh dinged 80 last night. I leveled her mainly as a Moonkin and it was a ton of fun. Wrong server, still a lot of fun.
I will see how this turns out. Now I will rest a little and then (even if Gallifrey isn't back yet) will start to level my Shaman on Todeskrallen. I feel safer now that I know where I have to go to and what to look out for.

I have to still juggle both servers but I will manage. I have no real ambition to raid with my druid on Dun Morogh, I leave that for my Shaman (if at all). Well, and there is still the "other" Moonseed on Todeskrallen. Who knows what the future will bring for any of my characters. And with transfers being possible from PvE to PvP now, it might be possible to get my lvl 80 druid over to Todeskrallen.

Too many chars, I know. But I kept having so much fun with my little fat owl, that I just could not resist.

So, all still open. But I've got my first level 80 char. Feels good.

And, folks, what a journey it has been!

November 26, 2008

Wrath update

Yes, I have bought Wrath. (for both accounts...)

Yes, I made a Death Knight. (actually made two, one on Todeskrallen, one on Dun Morogh) I have to say the instanced starting zone of the Death Knight is something everyone who is interested in the story of the game should play. You begin at 55 and with the last quest(s) you should ding 58. Nicely done, Blizz!

Yes, I went back to my old PvE server. But just for the time being, a friend transferred to Todeskrallen, and I hope we can quest a bit now and then on the PvP Server.

No, I have not hit 80 yet. (highest char as of now is 73, my Feral Druid Moonseed on Dun Morogh)

Yes, I am not regretting buying it. Wrath is fun, even though I do not have much time (or muse) to play at the moment. I think it is well done, even though the first hardcore players complain about the easy quests. Short reality check: Wrath is not as hard as was Hellfire Peninsula for blue-geared people - but is still easy when you are wearing T6 - Wrath is doable in greens, thank God!

More updates coming soonish...

November 10, 2008

Wrath of the Lich King

I have been reading up simply on the lore of the upcoming expansion and I'm not sure I want to miss that for the world.

Dalaran, Death Knights - the possibility of roleplaying should be pretty sweet. better than "hey, I'm a gay Bloodelf hanging around in Moonglade and making all the cows happy until I can afford a new set of handcuffs and a mount..."

Okay, that was the worst storyline that I'll ever thought of - but seriously. Most of the start of the Burning Crusade I spent on my little Belf Paladin because Outland servers were down again...

But this time, a Death Knight might be cool. It's a totally new class, we're all going to be noobs... and I really want to know how they work. I've read a lot about it, but I still have no clue.

So maybe it is worth having a go at it.
It depends on how my mood is on Thursday, I guess.
To buy or not to buy...

October 24, 2008

[post 3.0] The Priest

Well, here we are. I've sworn off priests and now I'm here and think about talent speccs... just for the fun of it. But I hereby swear that the only kind of priest I'll ever play is the one with the nice dark form. ;)

So we begin with, yes, shadow!

Shadow, baby (7/0/54) About to test with Ziral. ;)

Holy (5/56/0)

Hybrid (23/38/0) It's all about the Spirit buff...

[post 3.0] The Mage

I have not tested the new Mage talents, I have only played my little Ice-mage. But that is a lot of fun...
Well, let's see. There are currently a ton of speccs out there...

Deep Frost (0/0/61) without the end talent, have to test that first. But I guess you won't use it that much...

Arcane (53/0/8) with Elemental Precision

Arcane (49/0/12) with Icy Veins

FireFrost (0/53/18) this seems to be the new raiding spec.

And some theorycrafting:
Der Mage mit WotLK [German]

WotLK Talent discussion (Part two) [Elitist Jerks, English]

[post 3.0] The Paladin

There's a lot to learn about the Paladin again. I think I have understood how the new "judge"-mechanic works. Yay me.
So now, the talent trees. I'll start with Protection. I wanted to post Suh's specc but in the end I just used it to switch around some points.

I do understand some of his choices, but with his gear he has better options than people without BT gear. ;)

Protection (0/56/5)

Holy (56/5/0)

Retribution (0/5/56) This is Elesar's built - gogo Sheel ;)

[post 3.0] The Druid

Currently I am playing two druids, one feral, one is a tree. So my talent specc for the Boomkin comes from a different source.

Feral-Cat (0/50/11) - either you take Omen of Clarity or the 51-talent Berserk. Moonseed is specced for Cat just to farm, so no tanking - and Berserk is THE tanking talent, I guess. So I took Omen of Clarity.

Feral-Bear (0/61/0) Full Feral. raaawwww

Restoration (5/0/56)

Balance (61/0/0) Iora's specc, I have no clue about Boomkins. :)

[post 3.0] The Shaman

I'll start out with my favorite class, Pokayoke is healer right now and I have tested a bit with her. Riptide is extremely cool, it's a HoT and increases the healing of my next chain heal on the target... so easy to heal several targets who get a lot of damage...

Restoration (0/5/56)

Enhancement (8/53/0)

Elemental (51/10/0) I took Koldjan's specc because I really have no clue about Elemental Shamans.

How to skill class x

Since the patch I've been trying to play my characters, only to fail over and over again to get a grasp on how Blizzard wants certain classes to function...

I skilled my Paladin Holy, because I have no idea how to skill him in protection or retribution. Healing has stayed straight forward, but the other two trees, well, retribution I have not dealt with since leveling, and protection I have no clue as to how aggro-mechanics work now...

I have skilled my mage as if I had never played a mage before, just like "well 5 points in there, and hey that sounds nice, and 5 points there... well, I have no clue what this does but it sounds not too bad..." - so as if I've never raided with a mage, never had any rotation in mind. Fire bad, tree pretty - damage good, crits pretty.

No clue.
So I've decided, without further ado, to post talent speccs for all classes Post-3.0 - any comments are welcome.

(I'll make several posts)

October 16, 2008

The big Patch

Well, 3.0.2 has hit us with full force.
I was mostly in capitals yesterday, standing around and trying to configure my UI. Not everything worked and I needed to find substitutes for several important addons.
As always it was necessary, but no fun.

First impression: the Barber Shop rocks and trying to get the next Achievement is the new thing to do in this game.
Have not looked at the new profession Inscription (Inschriftenkunde, in German) yet, but when my UI is under control - I definately will.

What else is there to do? Oh yes: learn to play all my characters again. They changed a lot of the mechanics of the game. And equipment, too. Tanks need to redo their gear, a lot of defense rating which was on it, has been replaced by strength. So nobody has the needed 490 defense rating to be crit immune. Go go Blizzard...

The whole Paladin-judging-mechanics changed as well. I'll try it out with my little Paladin on Todeskrallen, my chars on Dun Morogh (all except Moonseed) are retired. So I won't even log onto them to give them new talents. They stay as they are and I'll treat them more like things kept hidden in a closet.

October 09, 2008

Way of the Warrior

I have not tanked any Instance for some time (we are talking months). So slowly I've got the wish to let myself get beaten up again, preferably my Undead little tankgirl. ;)
So I transfered her sweet little bottom to Die Todeskrallen, she is 63 1/2 and if I won't buy the expansion this will be the last char I will be leveling to 70. Or leave her at the level she is on Nov. 13th.

So I have been reading up on warrior guides, a lot has changed since I last touched her. And I have some really nice warrior links that I want to keep, so I'll just post my collection here for easy reference.
There will be links to German websites as well.

Moonsilvers [FAQ] & [Guide] PvE Krieger [German] Good advise on which stats a Warrior in the different roles needs to pay attention to

Zorks Tank Guide [German] A guide Ryo posted on the HFC forum, I thought I better save it here... very good guide.

The Protection Warrior Guide THE ULTIMATE Protection Warrior guide.

Liste: Tankequip für Heroics und Kharazan [German] List of items to get a Tank ready for Heroics and Karazhan.

Life After 490 Defense More on stats and why a Def-Warrior needs them.

About weapon expertise:
This stat reduces the chance a mob will parry or dodge your attack, so this is a stat worth thinking about as a tank as well. Good for DPS warriors because standing behind the mob, they will only need to worry about its dodge chance...

September 26, 2008

And then she imploded...

I've never thought of people in villain categories. But as of yesterday evening I found someone who could be discribed as my "Arch Nemesis".
He also plays a Shaman, as a healer mainly and thinks he is the king of Shamans, the only one who has had something like an epiphany on Shaman healing and gear. This extends also to other classes. He bickers about everything that he sees and dislikes, for whatever reason.

And he is in my face all the time when he is on his Shaman and his other characters. "Yeah I thought about getting that ring, but I think xyz is far better (insert link to BT/Hyjal/SSC loot here)."

As if I don't know that. But I cannot make bosses drop the things they do. Yesterday Maiden didn't drop the mace nor the totem. Yay me.
Well, he mostly kept to the other guys in the group yesterday when he was on his hunter. There were only random snide remarks in my direction and I thought he was really making an effort not to critisise me too much.
But before Prince, the other healer had to leave. So Mr. King-Shaman logged onto, yes, his Shaman and one of the first things he said (because there was still a DD missing) was that I could go and respecc to Enhance because he could easily heal the MT alone. WTF?
We were going to do Netherspite... and luckily for the group I did not respecc because Mr. Supershaman had a disconnect shortly after the pull.
I really had a hard time keeping people alive, but I think it was not bad that only one died. But I was becoming really pissed off with him, I knew I was going to blow up eventually. If he made just one more snide remark about anything.

I should have muted my microphone...
After we wiped on the Prince, and the boss came to me (I was the last one alive) he said something like: "Why did he come to you just now? what kind of aggro do you do? Did you even put points in the talent?"

I simply lost it. The asshole... first of all, get bent. And second of all, what the hell did you take that made your brain shrivel and say such utter bullshit?
And there were just too many things throughout the whole raid yesterday - I could not stop myself from asking why the hell he was in my face all the time. Then he wanted to whisper something to someone and instead whispered it to me, and I tried to reply that he had mistakenly whispered me only to get in red. 'xxx is ignoring you.'

So I said it on TeamSpeak, that he had whispered it to me. And couldn't refrain from saying that I will make it easy for him that he does not make this mistake again and put him on ignore as well.

I went to Shatt and off. And the first thing I will do, when I log on, is respecc to Enhancement and go farm gold for the expansion. I doubt I go back to healing before I hit 80.

If I do that and not stop playing altogether. Such people are the worst ever. And I won't spend my time listening to his bullshit ever again.

September 23, 2008

On the finishing line...

Wrath of the Lich King will come out on November 13th. That has made me think what I will do with the time leading up to it, and beyond.
Mondsucht said that he is afraid about my WoW future, and he may be right in light of playing on Dun Morogh. Last week I was sure enough that Dun Morogh had me back, at least partly, but seeing that there is little that I can accomplish alone - I have no intention on staying.

I waited over two hours on Sunday for someone who did not show up. I have waited enough, I have asked people enough only to be told that they don't want random groups, that they didn't know it was serious that I wanted to do the bloody quest. I've had enough of going nowhere.

I went to Zul'Aman yesterday, we killed Janalai, the shield dropped and there was no question that it was mine. Even though there was a paladin present who should have rolled on it too. He'll deny that probably, but anyway. I felt good, I didn't mute my microphone which I have not done in months. It felt good, even though I was tired. And after that we went to BRD to do the "Save Brewfest!" eventboss - something I've been trying to get a group for with my druid on Dun Morogh for hours on Sunday.

Just like that.

And even though I'm not over the chars I leave behind (I may transfer one or two later) I may as well be over the people on Dun Morogh. Even if they are nice, or in one case seemed to be nice... there's an end to everything.

... count down to WOTLK commencing...

August 18, 2008

WoW movie gems.

Sometimes I stumble upon some World of Warcraft videos that just need to be remembered. There are such gems out there, I wish I could be as creative and stylish -

The Demise
This video just blew me away. It is so beautiful, yet so sad.
I love how it is so different and is almost like a painted picture.

Azeroth Walk
It is short, yet something totally different. Might be the only video done with stop motion out there.

Ring Of Valor 2
I'm not a big fan of PvP videos, but this truely stands out from all the rest. It has style and is funny as well.

August 14, 2008


I'm taking a WoW break for at least a week. I feel burnt out again and tired, so it's that time again. Everytime shortly before the next expansion hits, World of Warcraft is getting on my nerves. There is a lot to do, but with most of it (raiding, gearing up, doing dailies for reputation) - you ask yourself "For what?". New expansion will hit in October / November I guess, and everything you are doing will be worth exactly ZERO.

So I will have a look at Mount Hyjal today, and then I'm off to think about what I want to do until the expansion comes out, or if I won't wait and quit the game altogether.

August 05, 2008


I haven't posted here in a long time, and much has happened since.
Pokayoke is of course 70 by now and has gone through being a healer, being enhancer and back to healer again.

Being Enhance Shaman was fun, was a few times in Karazhan, got some nice loot and got nice weapons and some good gear now. But now that I have grinded some of the reputation, have done dailies, went fishing - have maxed out the professions, now it is time to go back to healing.

In the meantime, Duh got his mage to 70, and has left the server again because, well, I have no clue what he wanted anyway- I think he has neither. So he went back to my old server and is raiding once more, and I'll stay with Pokayoke and get my healgear going. Only bad thing is, nobody needs a healer - during my vacation I only managed to run one lousy instance in 4 days and I was in the goddamn LFG channel the whole time.

So, for lack of a damage dealer I am currently leveling a Bloodelf hunter, he is going to be 30 the coming week-end and it is fun to actually level a hunter once more. So I will have a farmbot in no time.

Healing with a Shaman is also fun, so I'll keep the spec, even though it is difficult to get into non-heroic groups. If I can run Karazhan a few times more, I will be able to heal heroics, I hope that I won't disappoint. But Chain Heal is heaven, I tell you.

As long as my guild keeps supporting her, I'm going to be fine.
On my old server, some people have come back from playing AoC, but still nothing really pulls me back there. My old guild there is broken into different groups, there's no real sense of togetherness anymore. And I need that, I know that Duh for example doesn't care in which guild he is as long as he can do something that "gets him somewhere" and there are many people alike. But I need a sense that you can also count on people to help out others with no own agenda. But that is lacking there completely. So I'm fine with the guild I found with Pokayoke, even though we have ups and downs as well, but nothing is more depressing than when you are online or in a raid with your guild and nobody is talking...

Like in Karazhan on Sunday - which was the last run I organized- I'm done pleading with people to come and help out in Karazhan anymore. I know that raiding with the partner guild is much much more important than help gearing people of your own guild who can't go there.

Yes, that was meant sarcastic. I'm pretty much annoyed with them all, and need a break from seeing my old guild break into pieces...

April 24, 2008

Poka's to do and to get list. Shinies!

Leveling up to 70 should be a piece of cake (manical laughter in the background), so what do I need to do and what should I'll be getting when I'm level 70?

Necklace: [Vindicator's Pendant of Salvation] (15.300 HP, 10 Eye of the Storm)
Ring1: [Vindicator's Band of Salvation] (15.300 HP, 10 Alterac)
Ring2: [Ancestral Band] (Thrallmar Revered)
Trinket1: [Lower City Prayerbook] (Lower City Revered)
Trinket2: [Alchemist's Stone] (Alchemy 350, 5 Primal Might, 1 Earthstorm diamond, 1 Skyfire diamond, 2 Fel Lotus)
Weapon: [Hand of Eternity] (Blacksmithing) / [Gavel of Pure Light] (The Sha'tar Exalted)
Offhand: [Crystal Pulse Shield] (Auction House)

Ramparts Rampage

Pokayoke went to Ramparts last night to heal her first 5-man instance, ever. Two druids (one bear and a Boomkin), a Warlock and two Shamans (me and an Enhancer).

First pull, the bear didn't see that the second mob ran straight to me and I guess saw nothing but his big butt... so while I was off-tanking the add and healing I thought that this will be interesting and 'can I have my Fade button please?'.

So the bear was new to tanking, and I was new to healing with a Shaman.
We did wipe twice during the whole run, once on a 6-man group and then on the final boss.

It wasn't too bad, I had worse groups in there. The bad thing was that at the end, healer pants dropped and the Moonkin won the roll. WTF?
One more on my ignore-list. He was getting on my nerves about my specc and I actually was at the point where I just wanted to say that he should go over to and have a look at the post about Restoration Shamans and that he could actually learn something there.

I didn't even say anything about the warlock having his voidwalker out all the time and giving us no healthstone even after I asked for one... maybe a voidwalker was just his thing, who knows?

Usual random group, not very rewarding, but at least I learned something about healing with her and got a bit of XP.

April 23, 2008

Shaman builds and leveling

I have been trying to figure out how to level Pokayoke to 70.
She is now Elemental and still in the transition phase gear-wise from Enhancement to Spell-gear. I don't have leatherworking, so getting gear is limited to quests. I've been taking the mail/leather and all the stuff with spelldamage on it. But it's a bit less powerfull still than the kind of damage I did as Enhancement.

Still, I won't go back to that, I have been thinking about a healing specc instead. I don't do that much damage anyway, so I've been getting used to long fights and a bit of a frustrating questspeed.

But really, what's the rush? I have all the time in the world and leveling on a PvP server is harder anyway. The interruptions from getting killed by random 70ish-level-players who farm there or do the dailies, is enough of a hold-up. Why not take the chance to do the instances for reputation? They always look for healers. And even if I don't have any healgear at the moment, should be fun to start healing. I could go back to Elemental if I can't kill anything with that specc.

I'm thinking about it.


April 21, 2008

Ding! 60! Poka!

Small Ding! for my Shaman, she reached level 60 yesterday. ;) Having gotten through the dreaded 50-span she now quests in Outland has a ton of fun there. Even though now I really get to know the PvP aspect of the server (*hugs* to my guild to come and rescue me) - but still fun.

Taking a big break from raiding, different reasons. I'm just fed up with everything that's all.

April 10, 2008

To Kara, or not to Kara?

I have been thinking about what I want to do in this game until WotLK hits us in fall (maybe) - I want several things, all revolving around having enough heroic badges. Nothing to do with Zul'Aman or SSC or TK. Just Karazhan and I'm happy. So I've decided to give it a half-hearted shot. Only half-hearted because I know that people will always want to run Kara, just not in the right setup. There will be no healers and without healers it's going to be either that I will have to re-specc my Pala to healing again just to get the badges and watch others tank or go with my Priest.

I'm curious if I do get a bunch of players with whom you can actually farm badges. Not only equipp twinks. I think it will be almost impossible, but hey, maybe I will be pleasantly surprised?

And what about my Shaman? Will Epic-Badgeloot get the better of me and will she ever see Outland?


April 02, 2008

Sunwell, Poka and stuff that bugs me

Since I last posted here, Sergej dinged 70, Moonseed went from Feral to Tree to Feral again - and Brazer is back to being a tank. Sunwell and patch 2.4 has hit the realms and people are doing dailies like crazy. I try to limit my efforts to do the Nagrand and the attack-plan ones, they are fairly simple and when I'm in the mood and have Ryo with me I can be swayed to go to the island and do some more.

Ziral is friendly with Sunwell Offensive, Brazer will be Exalted some day I hope. The Jewelcrafting recipes are just too good to let them just go. But there are too many people doing the dailies right now to actually have fun.

I will wait some more and in the meantime try to bring my Shaman Pokayoke to Outland on the other server. She dinged 55 yesterday, so only 3 more levels to go... I've been trying to stay off Dun Morogh, it's nothing more than grief to feel as if I'm left behind again, and the best part was last night I was logging on and Duh was actually in an Arena. I had been trying to get him there for months, but he said it was just something that he didn't like trying. It felt odd, to fall for the same bullshit again -- so I disbanded our unused 2v2 team and left to go play my Shaman again.

Ryo asked me not to let him chase me off the server and just ignore him altogether, but then I come to thinking on how things do change between people and how things always repeat themselves. I've been there with another mage before who droped me just as easily. As long as you are of some use to them, they tolerate you (I can't put it differently, it's not personal, it's just that one is useful at the time) and if they find new people who are much more useful to them (or are online earlier than you are) you are just watching them do all the stuff you planned on doing, from the sidelines.

That is a bit bitter. So I will stick to do things in this game with people I know, who actually call me to ask if I wanna come play with them, not chasing people around and asking them to do things they don't care about with people they don't care about. Time is just too precious, and yes, this is only a game. But time consuming nonetheless, so you should spend that time with people who actually have fun doing stuff with you, not pretending to have fun just so they can get more badges...

On another note, Ryo and I have started the "FRF" (Fun Raid Friday) - we were in Zul'Gurub and last Friday it was AQ20, next up is Molten Core this Friday, so I'm looking forward to seeing some old instances again.

Need a break from the new stuff and from people who do things only if it gets them somewhere (whereever that is really) and concentrate on things I want to do. And if that is not playing, I'll do just that and if that is having fun in ancient instances, then I'll do just that.

February 26, 2008

Voidreaver collapsing, Solarian is da bomb!

So, despite moving house and being very very tired I helped out with Tempest Keep last night and saw Voidreaver kiss the floor for the first time in our second try. That was very cool, even though I completely messed up my mana and stood in exploding balls of lightning at least twice. I was there with my Paladin and I'm still not used to healing with him as I'm used to with my Priest (means forgetting to use manapots and timing all the things he can do).

But then T5 shoulders dropped (twice): Pauldrons of the Vanquished Champion and another Paladin and I were the only ones needing them, so Brazer now has to decide to go for heal or tank gear.

They do look gay anyway, but the heal shoulders don't have MP5 and the tank shoulders do not have block rating...
So I will keep T4 for tanking, I think and maybe get more spellcrit to make up for the missing MP5 on the healing shoulders. I was there as a healer and I think it is only fair to take the healing gear then.

But I'm not sure.

February 12, 2008

Valentine's and Lunar Festival

Last night when Duh and Moonseed got down and dirty in Undercity exchanging many tokens of love, I thought it was high-time to go and get Brazer to all the Elders around the old world. Maybe it is enough reputation to get him a wolf.

February 07, 2008

Our first take on The Eye

It was the first time I entered the big middle ship floating above Netherstorm. Its interior design is brownish and the first thing you see: (yay) more bloodelves. As you venture forth you come accross all that is used in the other three instances up there, so no real looker.

The first thing that made me forget raid chat and all the things going on on TeamSpeak was Al'ar. What a shiny big bird he is. We only cleared the room to get to Voidreaver but I just couldn't keep my eyes off him. Really nice. Tried to get some screenshots of him, but I was afraid I'd pull something if I just ran around the room.

The mob groups were no problem. I think it was really time to go there and I think the plan was more to see how the first tries at this went, then downing anything.

In the end, we needed too much time to get to Voidreaver - explaining the tactics was just taking forever and they wasted a lot of time on this. A good preperation is one thing, but a group of 25 people should at least be able to react to small things. And I don't mind tactics. But I'd rather spent my time trying out tactics on a boss, than on mob groups. I don't need to know that the big mechanical things do about 6k damage if the cast isn't interrupted. Simply say, tanks need to disrupt, raid has to stand back and go. I don't need to know the spells name and I don't need to know that there are two different spells. Just disrupt all that you can, if not we will deal with the damage or if the raid wipes, then we try again. But I don't think the raid will wipe on two trash mobs…

So it was nice to actually see that instance for the first time, but Smear's tactics and demeanor of "I've never been here but I will explain this better than anyone who was actually here" - kind of got on my nerves. He wasn't always this way, but recently this has gotten really really annoying. I wish someone like Gelirkas would do the explaining, or someone would actually just say what we have to do. But this could only be someone who actually saw things, and not react like a kid pointing fingers all the time "you did wrong" and "you weren't fast enough". This isn't good for a raid, I would try and be more like "what was the problem?" or "what can we do to make escaping sheeps go slower?" - like ice traps for instance. We had three hunters, where were the traps to keep escaping mobs away from the mages?

I really miss the Seelenjäger raid and Rabacho's calm voice who always brought a feeling to the raid that you could actually say "yes, that was crap what I did but heck I'm not the fastest today because I worked for 8 hours and my boss is giving me a hard time!" -- I think this is the problem of our current 25-man raid. All are pointing fingers, nobody actually says what needs to be done. And if you do, it is simply "shut up and listen".

Nice to see a new instance and have a go at T5, but I doubt we will have much fun there if it goes on the way it does.

February 06, 2008

Shockadin build

With this build I will level Crucis, I think. It seems to have a ll the advantages of healing (so I can always go to instances while I level and heal quite nicely) and that of a solid DPS.

I did level Brazer all Retribution and it got boring soon. So I hope this is better.
Currently there is an article about this line of specc on WOW Insider and although the build in the article seems to be not the best, I found the specc above in the comments and I agree with most of them. This build is based on Holy damage, not on weapon damage. While your Seals deal more damage with a slow 2h weapon that has a big max-damage, it still is better to push all "+damage" talents, not the ones with 'only' weapon damage.

Well, I'll run with this and see how it works out. She's 16 right now, so a long journey ahead.

February 05, 2008

Healers all around?

I've been really thinking about respeccing Moonseed to heal just for the heck of it. I would have 3 healers then, but isn't that overkill?

I'm just itching to try out healing as a druid, as I've never really healed with her at all. Hmmm, I don't think this is a good idea.

I should just stick to her being a tank and get good at it. Just because I'm a horrible bear-tank right now doesn't mean it is okay for me to turn her into a "doing-the-twist-branch-wearing-weakling". Nothing against trees but there are enough healers around right now. Get your bacon together, Moon, we are going to get the shit kicked out of us!

/mini rant end

January 12, 2008

Moonseed - feral furball and sneaky paws

Ding! Moonseed is 70.
Before I drop into bed - what I finally did today: Ding! 70! The 4th character I have finished (XP-wise).

January 10, 2008

UIs, Addons and all that jazz

My UI, November 2007
This is my UI at the moment. This screenshot is from November 2007 (fun raid in MC, my paladin). Not much has changed since, so basically this is it.

I've posted a list of my addons further down, but haven't written up something for each addon. I will try my best to remedy that.

January 08, 2008

New Main, new world.

"The decision's mine and mine alone. And... it's made." - John Sheridan, Messages from Earth

I left my old server Dun Morogh behind and have been playing my Shaman on Die Todeskrallen. I've only been back for two or three nights for PvP on my lvl 69 Druid there, to get all the tokens for the Season 1 gear for her. Now I would only need the honor, but I think I will leave that for now. First I would have to get her to 70, which is only half a level away... but leaving DM is a good thing and I won't be back so much. Maybe only for the people I will miss a bit...

Now onto my little Shaman who will hit 40 shortly, I hope. Even though it is a PvP server and I'm currently struggling through Badlands and some members of the Alliance seem to be hunting me down more than the mobs there - it has been fun so far. PvP on my druid has made me stop being afraid of areas like Stranglethorn, or Hillsbrad. Alliance are only getting on my nerves if for instance a lvl 70 hunter (t5 equipped) decides to gank me at 4am. These things happen and you know, players who need to have accents in their names because the name "Morphine" was taken already... well. But I'm not bitter, no way... ;)

Playing a Shaman is something new to me, too. Totems, totems, totems and *bäm* Frostshock and *bäm* Windfury! I can recommend the addon Numen to any Shaman out there, my action bars would be littered by totem spells without it.
Pokayoke is my new main now, and as a main has joined a guild as well. "Numquam Retro" is a nice bunch of players who know each other and a mix of totally new ones.
I've been keeping a low profile and trying to avoid doing the webpage. Right now I have other things on my mind. Well, I'll let them do their own thing. Maybe I could make a header. Well... no no no. No time. No ideas at all.

How long do you think I'll need to get to 70?