October 24, 2008

[post 3.0] The Priest

Well, here we are. I've sworn off priests and now I'm here and think about talent speccs... just for the fun of it. But I hereby swear that the only kind of priest I'll ever play is the one with the nice dark form. ;)

So we begin with, yes, shadow!

Shadow, baby (7/0/54) About to test with Ziral. ;)

Holy (5/56/0)

Hybrid (23/38/0) It's all about the Spirit buff...

[post 3.0] The Mage

I have not tested the new Mage talents, I have only played my little Ice-mage. But that is a lot of fun...
Well, let's see. There are currently a ton of speccs out there...

Deep Frost (0/0/61) without the end talent, have to test that first. But I guess you won't use it that much...

Arcane (53/0/8) with Elemental Precision

Arcane (49/0/12) with Icy Veins

FireFrost (0/53/18) this seems to be the new raiding spec.

And some theorycrafting:
Der Mage mit WotLK [German]

WotLK Talent discussion (Part two) [Elitist Jerks, English]

[post 3.0] The Paladin

There's a lot to learn about the Paladin again. I think I have understood how the new "judge"-mechanic works. Yay me.
So now, the talent trees. I'll start with Protection. I wanted to post Suh's specc but in the end I just used it to switch around some points.

I do understand some of his choices, but with his gear he has better options than people without BT gear. ;)

Protection (0/56/5)

Holy (56/5/0)

Retribution (0/5/56) This is Elesar's built - gogo Sheel ;)

[post 3.0] The Druid

Currently I am playing two druids, one feral, one is a tree. So my talent specc for the Boomkin comes from a different source.

Feral-Cat (0/50/11) - either you take Omen of Clarity or the 51-talent Berserk. Moonseed is specced for Cat just to farm, so no tanking - and Berserk is THE tanking talent, I guess. So I took Omen of Clarity.

Feral-Bear (0/61/0) Full Feral. raaawwww

Restoration (5/0/56)

Balance (61/0/0) Iora's specc, I have no clue about Boomkins. :)

[post 3.0] The Shaman

I'll start out with my favorite class, Pokayoke is healer right now and I have tested a bit with her. Riptide is extremely cool, it's a HoT and increases the healing of my next chain heal on the target... so easy to heal several targets who get a lot of damage...

Restoration (0/5/56)

Enhancement (8/53/0)

Elemental (51/10/0) I took Koldjan's specc because I really have no clue about Elemental Shamans.

How to skill class x

Since the patch I've been trying to play my characters, only to fail over and over again to get a grasp on how Blizzard wants certain classes to function...

I skilled my Paladin Holy, because I have no idea how to skill him in protection or retribution. Healing has stayed straight forward, but the other two trees, well, retribution I have not dealt with since leveling, and protection I have no clue as to how aggro-mechanics work now...

I have skilled my mage as if I had never played a mage before, just like "well 5 points in there, and hey that sounds nice, and 5 points there... well, I have no clue what this does but it sounds not too bad..." - so as if I've never raided with a mage, never had any rotation in mind. Fire bad, tree pretty - damage good, crits pretty.

No clue.
So I've decided, without further ado, to post talent speccs for all classes Post-3.0 - any comments are welcome.

(I'll make several posts)

October 16, 2008

The big Patch

Well, 3.0.2 has hit us with full force.
I was mostly in capitals yesterday, standing around and trying to configure my UI. Not everything worked and I needed to find substitutes for several important addons.
As always it was necessary, but no fun.

First impression: the Barber Shop rocks and trying to get the next Achievement is the new thing to do in this game.
Have not looked at the new profession Inscription (Inschriftenkunde, in German) yet, but when my UI is under control - I definately will.

What else is there to do? Oh yes: learn to play all my characters again. They changed a lot of the mechanics of the game. And equipment, too. Tanks need to redo their gear, a lot of defense rating which was on it, has been replaced by strength. So nobody has the needed 490 defense rating to be crit immune. Go go Blizzard...

The whole Paladin-judging-mechanics changed as well. I'll try it out with my little Paladin on Todeskrallen, my chars on Dun Morogh (all except Moonseed) are retired. So I won't even log onto them to give them new talents. They stay as they are and I'll treat them more like things kept hidden in a closet.

October 09, 2008

Way of the Warrior

I have not tanked any Instance for some time (we are talking months). So slowly I've got the wish to let myself get beaten up again, preferably my Undead little tankgirl. ;)
So I transfered her sweet little bottom to Die Todeskrallen, she is 63 1/2 and if I won't buy the expansion this will be the last char I will be leveling to 70. Or leave her at the level she is on Nov. 13th.

So I have been reading up on warrior guides, a lot has changed since I last touched her. And I have some really nice warrior links that I want to keep, so I'll just post my collection here for easy reference.
There will be links to German websites as well.

Moonsilvers [FAQ] & [Guide] PvE Krieger [German] Good advise on which stats a Warrior in the different roles needs to pay attention to

Zorks Tank Guide [German] A guide Ryo posted on the HFC forum, I thought I better save it here... very good guide.

The Protection Warrior Guide THE ULTIMATE Protection Warrior guide.

Liste: Tankequip für Heroics und Kharazan [German] List of items to get a Tank ready for Heroics and Karazhan.

Life After 490 Defense More on stats and why a Def-Warrior needs them.

About weapon expertise:
This stat reduces the chance a mob will parry or dodge your attack, so this is a stat worth thinking about as a tank as well. Good for DPS warriors because standing behind the mob, they will only need to worry about its dodge chance...