April 29, 2009

Like a Ghost

Well, Duh means ghost doesn't it? And over the last weeks and months he really acts like one. He is someone I played a lot with on my old server and which I said my farewell to in November or December, I can't really remember, but it was last year.

I have been absent from my old server for about 4 months but now that my mom has bought Lich King and is still playing on my old server - well, let's just say I have a reason to dust off the old chars again. Which of course brings up older memories, good and bad.

So a while ago I see Duh pop up on his hunter once in a while on my new server. He leveled some toons there as well when I was still playing much more on my old server. As a kind of retreat when things got too boring.

Of course I've been curious as to why he is popping up on "my" server. Of course he can play where he wants to but I had forgotten that he is still on my friends list on some chars, so I was surprised to see him log on with his little hunter. And of course said "hi". And not only that. But you really cannot call it a conversation, not really. It was more me chatting at him not with him.

Yesterday it was really late and I wanted to have the bunny you get through the eggs and Noblegarden at the moment - for my priest on my old server. It was kind of an odd feeling, but since I gave her dual spec already and through that somehow opened up the chance to enjoy leveling her a bit as a Shadow - I could as well go for it.

So I make my rounds in Brill, get transformed into a bunny and hop here and there opening about 100 eggs - and yes the bunny was in it - and I cross to the forge and suddenly I see a Shadow priest stand there - I mouse over him and it is Duh's alt priest-

Well, after the really great conversations we had lately (yes, sarcasm incoming) I don't have him on my friendslist anymore so I didn't even know he was online at all. So I hop on over to him and well, play around him a bit, like sniffing his robe and hiding under his robe and laying an egg under his robe - just silly stuff like that. And suddenly I wish that it could be like really old times, like before Burning Crusade when we still had fun and I could make him laugh.

But he just ran past me and to the mailbox and waved hi. I said nothing, I just emoted that I pat him gently and then he waved good bye and went into the Inn, and I guess offline. I just went on hopping around and collecting more eggs until I had them all to eat 100 of them.

Clearly out of frustration. :)

Well, what it was I cannot say. Maybe it was purely coincidence. Maybe not, either way - I know that he'll always be a ghost for me. I can remember things that meant a lot to me, but now I'm not sure they ever exsisted. Maybe it was all in my head and I'm slowly going crazy.

April 27, 2009

Nysir, the Noble

Yesterday Nysir, my Frost DK ate too much chocolate eggs, being a purple bunny for most of the day was fun, though and now he has got his first ever titel "the Noble". :)

Finding all the females for Shake Your Bunny-Maker was a bit trying, took a long time to find a Gnome and a Dwarf.
But others in the guild were doing the achievement as well, and so Mílena and I went to Un'Goro together to lay eggs. (*hehe*) And later posed in Dalaran with pink dresses, bunny ears and just very gay - going "omg omg" in g-chat.

If I remember when I get home I'lll post some screenshots. :)

April 23, 2009

Where do I go?

So, now that the whole guild-leaving has happened and things have settled down a bit there is again of course the question: what's next?

Where do I go, what do I do and most important of all: what do I want to do? *sigh*
I have two level 80 characters on Die Todeskrallen and one lonely level 80 char on Dun Morogh. You know, that old server I originally came from? Yeah.

I know I know, no use beating on a dead horse - or somethin'. Wouldn't think that I'll ever go back to that place, but - yeah well.
Ziral, one of my original characters there, she got Dual Spec now. All set for her to level as a Shadow and still be able to heal with her Holy spec.
But I'm not going to take a complete step back but it was just nice when the thing with my guild went so bad - to log on and have nice whispers for a change.

I knew, too, that if I would leave Todeshauch behind it would have to be forever. I'm not going back. Even if everyone else that has left goes back or originally said would leave and still stays - and that is exactly what will happen - I won't go back. And I won't try to set anything right or even talk to them. This is a game and I'd rather spare me and them the humiliation. And I just don't care enough. They all just are afraid that once the guild is dead they'll have to find new people to raid with.

And it's so comfy now, you can raid, you can have fun, what's not to love? But to really make a cut and say, new start. That is not easy,
To wait and see if it might get better - that is more convenient. But if you want to build something new, you can't be emersed in the old.
You cannot expect a new guild to move somewhere if you are staying in the old.

The guild I am in now, does not really exsist. There's no real point in it. I could as well get my chars all into my twink guild - would be the same. And I start to give shit about the things people say, because it's the other way around the next day. It's okay, it is a game after all and you are not obliged to really do the things you say you do, like in the real world. But it would be nice to know if I can start looking for a real guild and new people if the people I want to play with stay in a guild I don't want to be in anyway.

Or go back to my old server or go and play something else entirely.

April 20, 2009

World of Bugcraft

I love patch 3.1 - not because of Ulduar or not even Dual Spec, but because of the daily puzzles Blizzard has in store for us.

There is a new game in the game - it is called "what bugs can I figure out today?". Mostly people might think it is addon related in some way. So when you encounter something that is not working for you, you blame it on an addon. And since I have nothing installed that automatically updates my addons, because Curse and WowInterface killed WoWMatrix just in time for the patch, it's always an old addon that is causing it.

But with all the stuff I have seen up to now - this just wasn't the case. I could not click on a posted profession in Trade chat, so I went to Curse to see if my version of Prat was bugged. There was a new version, installed it, went online and see, could klick on the profession! Bad addon, at least so I thought.

Yesterday again I couldn't click on a profession in chat, I got pretty annoyed. A random bug? Just as with the daily quests in Dalaran? You see, my lvl 80 Shaman could always do the daily Cooking quest, no problem. But my lvl 73 Warrior could only do it every other day, there seems to be no pattern yet. Same with the juwelcrafting daily. I can only do it every other day and it gets on my nerves.

Yesterday evening one of the riddles was solved, the riddle of the un-clickable profession: I was sitting in Dalaran and had nothing much to do. There in trade chat someone asked for a Tauren to post their Inscription. I asked why he wanted a Tauren to post it, and along posted my Inscription (being a Tauren I felt loved and cherished). he told me that there's a bug and that you can at the moment only click professions posted by your own race. Being a Tauren druid himself, I finally understood. Blizz is playing the race card here, omg!

So we got into talking about the different bugs Blizz has put in the game while I made him some glyphs. There is also one that seems silly but he said it had become a problem, there are some things going on with talent trees and missing points and he told me if I got any points missing I should open a ticket and that a GM had to fix his talent tree because he was at a point where he could not set any points.
So my DK should get his problem sorted out...

*sigh* I just don't know if I should be afraid to login now, there's been talk about hotfixes which did fix nothing but made things disappear. I hope my characters are still there when I log on...

April 14, 2009

Patch 3.1 tomorrow

Secrets of Ulduar will hit the servers tomorrow. So may the whining for new content finally be over, for now...

I'm really excited about some of the changes, most of all of course dual spec. So I can go quest on my druid, yay.

Official patchnotes are out: here. The European website has not been updated yet.

Ah, and check the trailer out! Jaina/Thrall love, yay! :)

"Whom will be our hope?"
"Who will stand and face Yogg-Sa(u)ron?"

Sorry, Jaina, not me. I just left my guild. So I won't see Ulduar for a long long time. But Ensidia will have him down in a week, I guess.

April 11, 2009

The nomad thing

I wrote about these things turning me into a nomad, going from server to server making the same mistakes over and over again.

So, new server. New druid. See a pattern there?
Maybe I should start out with a DK to make money, because I really don't know anyone there and never will.

April 10, 2009

Bad timing.

So, I had a very mean argument going on the guild forums and then -- two of who are always the loudest pests there were kicked out of the guild -- apparently this happened during the night and of course they are furious.

They started bashing on me (in a thread that I wrote about two weeks ago) yesterday afternoon. And they of course went on to bash on me the whole day today. As if I were the reason they were kicked. Yeah, yay me. I cannot go online without hateful whispers and I should start putting people on ignore. But somehow I understand the hate, and I do understand the bashing.

But with every whisper I really hate the officers and the guild leader, it should go to them but they are not online, they are offline celebrating Easter away from their computers. I was looking forward to farm a bit on my Shaman and doing some heroics on my druid. But I cannot stay online for long without being ridiculed or hated at. It really pisses me off.
Last thing I read on the forums was that they want me out, almost all of them. And no response from anyone.
The guildleader came by and posted something but they dismissed it as worthless and he told me in chat "yeah, you'll probably get all the hate now :) ." that smiley at the end just so killed me, I felt tears start to fall. And went offline. That's all he said. Yeah, thanks a lot.

Probably everyone in officer chat on the forums is laughing their ass off, yeah she didn't saw that one coming.

So I'll probably leave the guild this night and will put everyone in the guild on ignore. A long list.

I thought about deleting my Shaman and my druid and to start from scratch. Without nobody knowing my new chars. But I think when I do that I won't come back. Ever.

April 03, 2009

Gotta see this

There have been some great vids out since I last posted something like this.

Ulduar - lyrics are top, great song. about: "the video is about a pair of genre-crossed lovers crossing playstyle boundaries in WoW. Summergale sings the part of a PvE raider who is well-geared, and highly skilled in her arena. Cranius sings as a PvP fighter, who not only enjoys the dark avenues of player combat, but is a little bit of a punk and rebel. They're each trying to draw one another across the fence to try "the other side."" [watch] (with subs) Update, mp3 is here: [mp3]

Front Line - Preview, if the preview looks that neat, oh gimme the rest! It's Orcs and the style... getting goosebumps [watch]

Lament of Captain Placeholder - this one is just great. when I started out with WoW it was as a Nightelf Druid (but went Horde weeks later) - there he stood in Menethil replacing the boat to Darkshore which was bugging (left players stranded). So you simply clicked him and were in Darkshore. :) [watch] [lyrics]

April 01, 2009

Moms and gaming

For her birthday I got my mom a really cool thing: Belkin n52te - she wanted something to keybind things to and have easy access to a lot of buttons, so there you go.

She was a bit surprised I didn't get her Wrath of the Lich King for her birthday but I had totally forgotten about it. She has been mostly catching up with factions lately and has been grinding lowlevel quests for Ambassador and the Loremaster title. And she was really busy doing non-WoW related things that she always said I have a million other things to do, better not get Lich King yet.

And so it didn't make it on any of my birthday present lists...
I guess she will soon get the addon and go quest in Northrend.

Haven't been keeping up a lot with her character lately, I moved servers and haven't really taken care of her rogue (well, I never really did) - except give her my last Thorium bars for the Scholomance key quest.

She has a totally different playstyle and in the beginning I tried to get her to do what I thought this game was about (mostly playing in groups) - but she doesn't want to really play with other people - it just puts too much pressure on her. It took a long time for me to accept that this was just not for her. Still she is enjoying World of Warcraft immensely. She is a rogue for a reason. So she can stealth into places people normally only get to with raids - like she told me once that she had been to Stormwind and Ironforge and stuff like that.
And because she doesn't quest in groups and doesn't do instances, her means in this game are quite limited. She has no way of obtaining instance or raidloot, but at least in Northrend she will have access to nice Reputation rewards (with her love for quests she may be exalted with them all in no time) - I think that from her point of view things have really improved a lot.

If she buys Lich King, I might have to level my Paladin as well there (for Jewelcrafting) - and maybe my mage there as well (for Enchanting) - in that respect it is a real pain for her that I have changed servers. But I won't let her follow me, she would not be happy on a PvP server.

Sometimes it is better for me to remind myself that this game is not about loot, it can be about other things, too. And why would that be worth less than a Druid in t7.5 gear?