February 26, 2008

Voidreaver collapsing, Solarian is da bomb!

So, despite moving house and being very very tired I helped out with Tempest Keep last night and saw Voidreaver kiss the floor for the first time in our second try. That was very cool, even though I completely messed up my mana and stood in exploding balls of lightning at least twice. I was there with my Paladin and I'm still not used to healing with him as I'm used to with my Priest (means forgetting to use manapots and timing all the things he can do).

But then T5 shoulders dropped (twice): Pauldrons of the Vanquished Champion and another Paladin and I were the only ones needing them, so Brazer now has to decide to go for heal or tank gear.

They do look gay anyway, but the heal shoulders don't have MP5 and the tank shoulders do not have block rating...
So I will keep T4 for tanking, I think and maybe get more spellcrit to make up for the missing MP5 on the healing shoulders. I was there as a healer and I think it is only fair to take the healing gear then.

But I'm not sure.

February 12, 2008

Valentine's and Lunar Festival

Last night when Duh and Moonseed got down and dirty in Undercity exchanging many tokens of love, I thought it was high-time to go and get Brazer to all the Elders around the old world. Maybe it is enough reputation to get him a wolf.

February 07, 2008

Our first take on The Eye

It was the first time I entered the big middle ship floating above Netherstorm. Its interior design is brownish and the first thing you see: (yay) more bloodelves. As you venture forth you come accross all that is used in the other three instances up there, so no real looker.

The first thing that made me forget raid chat and all the things going on on TeamSpeak was Al'ar. What a shiny big bird he is. We only cleared the room to get to Voidreaver but I just couldn't keep my eyes off him. Really nice. Tried to get some screenshots of him, but I was afraid I'd pull something if I just ran around the room.

The mob groups were no problem. I think it was really time to go there and I think the plan was more to see how the first tries at this went, then downing anything.

In the end, we needed too much time to get to Voidreaver - explaining the tactics was just taking forever and they wasted a lot of time on this. A good preperation is one thing, but a group of 25 people should at least be able to react to small things. And I don't mind tactics. But I'd rather spent my time trying out tactics on a boss, than on mob groups. I don't need to know that the big mechanical things do about 6k damage if the cast isn't interrupted. Simply say, tanks need to disrupt, raid has to stand back and go. I don't need to know the spells name and I don't need to know that there are two different spells. Just disrupt all that you can, if not we will deal with the damage or if the raid wipes, then we try again. But I don't think the raid will wipe on two trash mobs…

So it was nice to actually see that instance for the first time, but Smear's tactics and demeanor of "I've never been here but I will explain this better than anyone who was actually here" - kind of got on my nerves. He wasn't always this way, but recently this has gotten really really annoying. I wish someone like Gelirkas would do the explaining, or someone would actually just say what we have to do. But this could only be someone who actually saw things, and not react like a kid pointing fingers all the time "you did wrong" and "you weren't fast enough". This isn't good for a raid, I would try and be more like "what was the problem?" or "what can we do to make escaping sheeps go slower?" - like ice traps for instance. We had three hunters, where were the traps to keep escaping mobs away from the mages?

I really miss the Seelenjäger raid and Rabacho's calm voice who always brought a feeling to the raid that you could actually say "yes, that was crap what I did but heck I'm not the fastest today because I worked for 8 hours and my boss is giving me a hard time!" -- I think this is the problem of our current 25-man raid. All are pointing fingers, nobody actually says what needs to be done. And if you do, it is simply "shut up and listen".

Nice to see a new instance and have a go at T5, but I doubt we will have much fun there if it goes on the way it does.

February 06, 2008

Shockadin build

With this build I will level Crucis, I think. It seems to have a ll the advantages of healing (so I can always go to instances while I level and heal quite nicely) and that of a solid DPS.

I did level Brazer all Retribution and it got boring soon. So I hope this is better.
Currently there is an article about this line of specc on WOW Insider and although the build in the article seems to be not the best, I found the specc above in the comments and I agree with most of them. This build is based on Holy damage, not on weapon damage. While your Seals deal more damage with a slow 2h weapon that has a big max-damage, it still is better to push all "+damage" talents, not the ones with 'only' weapon damage.

Well, I'll run with this and see how it works out. She's 16 right now, so a long journey ahead.

February 05, 2008

Healers all around?

I've been really thinking about respeccing Moonseed to heal just for the heck of it. I would have 3 healers then, but isn't that overkill?

I'm just itching to try out healing as a druid, as I've never really healed with her at all. Hmmm, I don't think this is a good idea.

I should just stick to her being a tank and get good at it. Just because I'm a horrible bear-tank right now doesn't mean it is okay for me to turn her into a "doing-the-twist-branch-wearing-weakling". Nothing against trees but there are enough healers around right now. Get your bacon together, Moon, we are going to get the shit kicked out of us!

/mini rant end