December 08, 2008

Another Ding! bites the dust

My druid Moonseed on Dun Morogh dinged 80 last night. I leveled her mainly as a Moonkin and it was a ton of fun. Wrong server, still a lot of fun.
I will see how this turns out. Now I will rest a little and then (even if Gallifrey isn't back yet) will start to level my Shaman on Todeskrallen. I feel safer now that I know where I have to go to and what to look out for.

I have to still juggle both servers but I will manage. I have no real ambition to raid with my druid on Dun Morogh, I leave that for my Shaman (if at all). Well, and there is still the "other" Moonseed on Todeskrallen. Who knows what the future will bring for any of my characters. And with transfers being possible from PvE to PvP now, it might be possible to get my lvl 80 druid over to Todeskrallen.

Too many chars, I know. But I kept having so much fun with my little fat owl, that I just could not resist.

So, all still open. But I've got my first level 80 char. Feels good.

And, folks, what a journey it has been!