December 20, 2007

Molten Core - a fun raid

Some weeks ago my (cute) Paladin was sent by me to the depth of hell. Why? Was he that naughty? Did I forget the endless hours I spent there with my Priest? Did I actually want to see that blasted hole ever again?

Yes to most of those questions.

We had ten people (at times only nine) and basically only two healers, and two tanks... and it did work up until Sulferon. And of course we went there with too many new characters, who had no water with them for the runes. So Ragnaros was not in the cards. But it was fun anyway.

The only time I felt that old feeling of being there too long was the long way up to Sulferon and you could feel the tension building on TeamSpeak that actually everyone wanted it to end soon. So we finished Sulferon with one tank and one healer and then the group disbanded quickly.

I've got screenshots tucked away somewhere, I'll post them as soon as I have the time -- but it was an interesting evening.

So now I have a fun raid planned for 27th December, I'm not sure it gets off the ground, but at least I tried to organize something fun for the holidays. Maybe we should go raid AQ instead. I've never been to AQ40...

Well, either way, it's almost as if I have a need to go there to prove to myself that these raid instances can be fun and not the 40-people-horrors I was part of.

Well, Molten Core, here we go again!

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