January 08, 2008

New Main, new world.

"The decision's mine and mine alone. And... it's made." - John Sheridan, Messages from Earth

I left my old server Dun Morogh behind and have been playing my Shaman on Die Todeskrallen. I've only been back for two or three nights for PvP on my lvl 69 Druid there, to get all the tokens for the Season 1 gear for her. Now I would only need the honor, but I think I will leave that for now. First I would have to get her to 70, which is only half a level away... but leaving DM is a good thing and I won't be back so much. Maybe only for the people I will miss a bit...

Now onto my little Shaman who will hit 40 shortly, I hope. Even though it is a PvP server and I'm currently struggling through Badlands and some members of the Alliance seem to be hunting me down more than the mobs there - it has been fun so far. PvP on my druid has made me stop being afraid of areas like Stranglethorn, or Hillsbrad. Alliance are only getting on my nerves if for instance a lvl 70 hunter (t5 equipped) decides to gank me at 4am. These things happen and you know, players who need to have accents in their names because the name "Morphine" was taken already... well. But I'm not bitter, no way... ;)

Playing a Shaman is something new to me, too. Totems, totems, totems and *bäm* Frostshock and *bäm* Windfury! I can recommend the addon Numen to any Shaman out there, my action bars would be littered by totem spells without it.
Pokayoke is my new main now, and as a main has joined a guild as well. "Numquam Retro" is a nice bunch of players who know each other and a mix of totally new ones.
I've been keeping a low profile and trying to avoid doing the webpage. Right now I have other things on my mind. Well, I'll let them do their own thing. Maybe I could make a header. Well... no no no. No time. No ideas at all.

How long do you think I'll need to get to 70?

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