September 23, 2008

On the finishing line...

Wrath of the Lich King will come out on November 13th. That has made me think what I will do with the time leading up to it, and beyond.
Mondsucht said that he is afraid about my WoW future, and he may be right in light of playing on Dun Morogh. Last week I was sure enough that Dun Morogh had me back, at least partly, but seeing that there is little that I can accomplish alone - I have no intention on staying.

I waited over two hours on Sunday for someone who did not show up. I have waited enough, I have asked people enough only to be told that they don't want random groups, that they didn't know it was serious that I wanted to do the bloody quest. I've had enough of going nowhere.

I went to Zul'Aman yesterday, we killed Janalai, the shield dropped and there was no question that it was mine. Even though there was a paladin present who should have rolled on it too. He'll deny that probably, but anyway. I felt good, I didn't mute my microphone which I have not done in months. It felt good, even though I was tired. And after that we went to BRD to do the "Save Brewfest!" eventboss - something I've been trying to get a group for with my druid on Dun Morogh for hours on Sunday.

Just like that.

And even though I'm not over the chars I leave behind (I may transfer one or two later) I may as well be over the people on Dun Morogh. Even if they are nice, or in one case seemed to be nice... there's an end to everything.

... count down to WOTLK commencing...

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