February 26, 2008

Voidreaver collapsing, Solarian is da bomb!

So, despite moving house and being very very tired I helped out with Tempest Keep last night and saw Voidreaver kiss the floor for the first time in our second try. That was very cool, even though I completely messed up my mana and stood in exploding balls of lightning at least twice. I was there with my Paladin and I'm still not used to healing with him as I'm used to with my Priest (means forgetting to use manapots and timing all the things he can do).

But then T5 shoulders dropped (twice): Pauldrons of the Vanquished Champion and another Paladin and I were the only ones needing them, so Brazer now has to decide to go for heal or tank gear.

They do look gay anyway, but the heal shoulders don't have MP5 and the tank shoulders do not have block rating...
So I will keep T4 for tanking, I think and maybe get more spellcrit to make up for the missing MP5 on the healing shoulders. I was there as a healer and I think it is only fair to take the healing gear then.

But I'm not sure.

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