February 06, 2008

Shockadin build

With this build I will level Crucis, I think. It seems to have a ll the advantages of healing (so I can always go to instances while I level and heal quite nicely) and that of a solid DPS.

I did level Brazer all Retribution and it got boring soon. So I hope this is better.
Currently there is an article about this line of specc on WOW Insider and although the build in the article seems to be not the best, I found the specc above in the comments and I agree with most of them. This build is based on Holy damage, not on weapon damage. While your Seals deal more damage with a slow 2h weapon that has a big max-damage, it still is better to push all "+damage" talents, not the ones with 'only' weapon damage.

Well, I'll run with this and see how it works out. She's 16 right now, so a long journey ahead.

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