November 26, 2008

Wrath update

Yes, I have bought Wrath. (for both accounts...)

Yes, I made a Death Knight. (actually made two, one on Todeskrallen, one on Dun Morogh) I have to say the instanced starting zone of the Death Knight is something everyone who is interested in the story of the game should play. You begin at 55 and with the last quest(s) you should ding 58. Nicely done, Blizz!

Yes, I went back to my old PvE server. But just for the time being, a friend transferred to Todeskrallen, and I hope we can quest a bit now and then on the PvP Server.

No, I have not hit 80 yet. (highest char as of now is 73, my Feral Druid Moonseed on Dun Morogh)

Yes, I am not regretting buying it. Wrath is fun, even though I do not have much time (or muse) to play at the moment. I think it is well done, even though the first hardcore players complain about the easy quests. Short reality check: Wrath is not as hard as was Hellfire Peninsula for blue-geared people - but is still easy when you are wearing T6 - Wrath is doable in greens, thank God!

More updates coming soonish...

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