August 05, 2009

Crusade is Calling

"The Call of the Crusade" is not a part of bloody Christian history but merely the new Patch that has hit World of Warcraft players everywhere.

"Has hit" is a good term, because there was a brief window that let me log into the game and have a look at my Druid and her new Cat/Bear form. (awwwwww!)
But now the Login server seems to be down, it tries to load my characters but than it disconnects me again.

Well, gnaaa.

I have been catching up on all the changes and it is a lot. Deathknights had their talent points refunded... again. They are doing so much to the class, that you can barely keep up.

You can barely keep up with anything that is in this. It is frustrating to update almost every addon again, I just got it as I wanted it to be. It's as if they won't let you catch your breath, and it seems with the ability for more people to raid more people get bored with content really fast.

I do love the idea of the tournament, it's just that I hate hate hate jousting. And I don't really like the dailies there at all. So sorry that I'm not thrilled to have a patch mainly for giving us more... jousting.

Well, gnaaa.

I'll go and shut off the computer now and get some fresh air. :)

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