May 28, 2009

Cascade Swans? WTF?

Yesterday was our bi-weekly Magic: The Gathering night and I have played with my very first deck again, well the first deck I made for playing with Michael.

It is a white deck that relies heavily on flying creatures and absorbing damage dealt to creatures and the player. The strategy was really simple: survive until you have a flying armada, and then hit very hard.

It wouldn't be tournament worthy and we always agreed in our round that we wouldn't simply make decks to win fast and furious - but to have fun trying new twists and turns with decks all the time.

Yesterday we played 2vs2 and the guys broke out their Slivers and tried to kill us hard and furious. They did. We were too mana-screwed and had no aggro at all. I was beginning to get pissed. Slivers in 2vs2? *sigh* too much too fast. No fun. Then I broke out my red elemental deck that has killed most of the decks it was up against (say hallo to my War Elemental!). So I was really confident. Bettina got out a big Angel deck, I think it was the wrong choice, we should have played with at least one deck where no mana problem would get the better of us.

And it happened again, I was short on mana - could not get my War Elemental out and in no time they had 2x Might Slivers out and about and it was way too late. They killed the Angels and when Dirk brought out the 3rd Might Sliver I folded. I couldn't kill them fast enough. Not with only 3 mana.

So I was thinking: 'Time for revenge.' and had a look at some tournament decks and what the hip kids play these days and found out I had almost missed a whole cycle... excuse me? Did I fall in a pit or something? Apparently.

Oh and there are some nice turns now, with Cascade the new mechanic and there are a lot of nice cards in the game at the moment. And so I will try and play around with some of those decks and thoughts. I'll postpone my Wizard deck for a while and go for Red/Black aggro again, which I wanted to do after the Elemental Deck anyway. And of course I'll throw Cascade Swans at Michael the next time around. Talk about fast and furious.

Har har!

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