April 02, 2008

Sunwell, Poka and stuff that bugs me

Since I last posted here, Sergej dinged 70, Moonseed went from Feral to Tree to Feral again - and Brazer is back to being a tank. Sunwell and patch 2.4 has hit the realms and people are doing dailies like crazy. I try to limit my efforts to do the Nagrand and the attack-plan ones, they are fairly simple and when I'm in the mood and have Ryo with me I can be swayed to go to the island and do some more.

Ziral is friendly with Sunwell Offensive, Brazer will be Exalted some day I hope. The Jewelcrafting recipes are just too good to let them just go. But there are too many people doing the dailies right now to actually have fun.

I will wait some more and in the meantime try to bring my Shaman Pokayoke to Outland on the other server. She dinged 55 yesterday, so only 3 more levels to go... I've been trying to stay off Dun Morogh, it's nothing more than grief to feel as if I'm left behind again, and the best part was last night I was logging on and Duh was actually in an Arena. I had been trying to get him there for months, but he said it was just something that he didn't like trying. It felt odd, to fall for the same bullshit again -- so I disbanded our unused 2v2 team and left to go play my Shaman again.

Ryo asked me not to let him chase me off the server and just ignore him altogether, but then I come to thinking on how things do change between people and how things always repeat themselves. I've been there with another mage before who droped me just as easily. As long as you are of some use to them, they tolerate you (I can't put it differently, it's not personal, it's just that one is useful at the time) and if they find new people who are much more useful to them (or are online earlier than you are) you are just watching them do all the stuff you planned on doing, from the sidelines.

That is a bit bitter. So I will stick to do things in this game with people I know, who actually call me to ask if I wanna come play with them, not chasing people around and asking them to do things they don't care about with people they don't care about. Time is just too precious, and yes, this is only a game. But time consuming nonetheless, so you should spend that time with people who actually have fun doing stuff with you, not pretending to have fun just so they can get more badges...

On another note, Ryo and I have started the "FRF" (Fun Raid Friday) - we were in Zul'Gurub and last Friday it was AQ20, next up is Molten Core this Friday, so I'm looking forward to seeing some old instances again.

Need a break from the new stuff and from people who do things only if it gets them somewhere (whereever that is really) and concentrate on things I want to do. And if that is not playing, I'll do just that and if that is having fun in ancient instances, then I'll do just that.

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