October 09, 2008

Way of the Warrior

I have not tanked any Instance for some time (we are talking months). So slowly I've got the wish to let myself get beaten up again, preferably my Undead little tankgirl. ;)
So I transfered her sweet little bottom to Die Todeskrallen, she is 63 1/2 and if I won't buy the expansion this will be the last char I will be leveling to 70. Or leave her at the level she is on Nov. 13th.

So I have been reading up on warrior guides, a lot has changed since I last touched her. And I have some really nice warrior links that I want to keep, so I'll just post my collection here for easy reference.
There will be links to German websites as well.

Moonsilvers [FAQ] & [Guide] PvE Krieger [German] Good advise on which stats a Warrior in the different roles needs to pay attention to

Zorks Tank Guide [German] A guide Ryo posted on the HFC forum, I thought I better save it here... very good guide.

The Protection Warrior Guide THE ULTIMATE Protection Warrior guide.

Liste: Tankequip für Heroics und Kharazan [German] List of items to get a Tank ready for Heroics and Karazhan.

Life After 490 Defense More on stats and why a Def-Warrior needs them.

About weapon expertise:
This stat reduces the chance a mob will parry or dodge your attack, so this is a stat worth thinking about as a tank as well. Good for DPS warriors because standing behind the mob, they will only need to worry about its dodge chance...

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