October 24, 2008

[post 3.0] The Mage

I have not tested the new Mage talents, I have only played my little Ice-mage. But that is a lot of fun...
Well, let's see. There are currently a ton of speccs out there...

Deep Frost (0/0/61) without the end talent, have to test that first. But I guess you won't use it that much...

Arcane (53/0/8) with Elemental Precision

Arcane (49/0/12) with Icy Veins

FireFrost (0/53/18) this seems to be the new raiding spec.

And some theorycrafting:
Der Mage mit WotLK [German]

WotLK Talent discussion (Part two) [Elitist Jerks, English]

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