October 24, 2008

How to skill class x

Since the patch I've been trying to play my characters, only to fail over and over again to get a grasp on how Blizzard wants certain classes to function...

I skilled my Paladin Holy, because I have no idea how to skill him in protection or retribution. Healing has stayed straight forward, but the other two trees, well, retribution I have not dealt with since leveling, and protection I have no clue as to how aggro-mechanics work now...

I have skilled my mage as if I had never played a mage before, just like "well 5 points in there, and hey that sounds nice, and 5 points there... well, I have no clue what this does but it sounds not too bad..." - so as if I've never raided with a mage, never had any rotation in mind. Fire bad, tree pretty - damage good, crits pretty.

No clue.
So I've decided, without further ado, to post talent speccs for all classes Post-3.0 - any comments are welcome.

(I'll make several posts)

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