October 16, 2008

The big Patch

Well, 3.0.2 has hit us with full force.
I was mostly in capitals yesterday, standing around and trying to configure my UI. Not everything worked and I needed to find substitutes for several important addons.
As always it was necessary, but no fun.

First impression: the Barber Shop rocks and trying to get the next Achievement is the new thing to do in this game.
Have not looked at the new profession Inscription (Inschriftenkunde, in German) yet, but when my UI is under control - I definately will.

What else is there to do? Oh yes: learn to play all my characters again. They changed a lot of the mechanics of the game. And equipment, too. Tanks need to redo their gear, a lot of defense rating which was on it, has been replaced by strength. So nobody has the needed 490 defense rating to be crit immune. Go go Blizzard...

The whole Paladin-judging-mechanics changed as well. I'll try it out with my little Paladin on Todeskrallen, my chars on Dun Morogh (all except Moonseed) are retired. So I won't even log onto them to give them new talents. They stay as they are and I'll treat them more like things kept hidden in a closet.

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