February 09, 2009

Death Knight - my new fotm

fotm - Flavor Of The Month

I have now 4 (four!) Death Knights. A female undead, a male troll, a male human and a male undead. Of course spread over two accounts and three servers.

I am crazy, you know. But I wanted to try out different specs and now that you can have a Death Knight wherever you want (only limited to one DK per server per account) - and the starting zone is very cool - I now seem to be in DK heaven.

My male troll DK was to be Blood but the person I want to play him with (a priest) nagged me about my aggro reduce that I finally gave in and skilled completely Frost, which should hold aggro way better. :)

I wonder, though which one will make it to 80. Unholy, Frost or Blood? In the end, however, it will have nothing to do with the spec, rather which race I prefer the most - Undead, Troll or Human?
I think Troll. But we'll see. I do want to play the Troll together with the priest, so it depends on if he wants to level his priest rather than which DK I will continue playing.

The Unholy spec is great, and fun - but Blood has worms and much healing. I think I prefer Blood for leveling alone (which will be the Human), Frost for group-play and Unholy for when I want to do both. Unholy seems to be the one tree as of now which let's you have nice AoE and is not very gear-dependent.
The ghoul is fun, the gargoyle is great. So, my unholy undead girl will maybe be my main test object for the coming weeks. I wonder if I will ever be brave enough to actually tank with a DK.

So stay tuned for more Death Knight goodness, talent specs and all.

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