February 25, 2009

Not in the mood

My druid on Todeskrallen is 73. And I just cannot bring myself to level her further. This is a bit of dejavu, the other druid (on Dun Morogh) had the same problem at the very same level.

Currently she is in Grizzly Hills, I didn't want to stay in Dragonblight. Still everything seems to be getting on my nerves. Motivation is low at the moment to level another char and I seem to only play my warrior or priest.

It just seems so pointless to level her at all, I could as well just transfer the lvl 80 druid over from Dun Morogh.
What the hell keeps me from doing that? I will certainly not log onto one of my older chars (may they rest in peace) but still I keep wondering if I won't ever need her again there. Even though I know I could never be happy on Dun Morogh again - why do I keep looking back there?

I do chat with someone there once in a while but that will end soon, I guess. We simply have nothing in common anymore. So as I fade away from my old Server - the game itself is getting boring again. A little bit anyway, I still have much to do. But for the fun stuff you'll again need raids and DKP. Healing has been frustrating again and even though dual spec is on the horizon, I doubt I will be getting it if you have to pay 1000 gold for it. I'd rather not heal at all and stay Enhancer. This way I won't need the dual spec in the first place. But on the other hand, there is the time I spent getting the healer items - would'nt it be a waste that way?

I dearly hope Blizz rethinks the price for Dual Spec. Shouldn't it be helping to get the gold-load off Healers/Tanks? Why make us pay another fine?


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