February 16, 2009

Ramparts - Two Deathknights and a Priest

Last night we did something cool.
Our "group of awesome imbaness" - a 62 Disc Priest, a 61 Blood Deathknight and my 63 Frost Deathknight entered Ramparts and finished it in a moderate timeframe.

The only thing I had a problem with was the dragon mount of the one boss (Nazan) - he resisted almost all of my Frost attacks and kept going after the priest, and killed him when we had him at about half health. We finished him off, but still it bugged me. And as I've just read he has a very high amount of resistance to all magic... so tanking him as a Frost-DK is kind of hard.

But the other stuff was easy and no problem at all. I had not tanked anything in over a year, so this was kind of an experiment / exercise for me. I like my Frostitroll and I think he did pretty well so far. There is of course much room for a more refined approach. The only thing I don't have down is something really essential for a Deathknight: applying diseases.
I pull, I try to do this with Icy Touch so that Frost Fever is already on there, Howling Blast and then go from there. But I don't have the rotation down, because I always miss the point for re-applying diseases. Hmmm. Normally at the point when I get kicked away and panic that the healer gets aggro. And I guess this will be getting better when I just do not panic.

And that's the only reason I think I'll never be a good tank at all, the panic is always there, the insecurity of how the group needs to move through the instance and that I'm not used to calling the shots and making the choices.

We'll see how this will play out. And over a year is a lot time of "not tanking".

I read a lot on Deathknight.info about tanking and rotation, what you can do if you are in a tight spot and so on. But at level 63 I don't even have Dark Command, so I do not have all the tools to play with. I used a spec I found there but put all the points needed in Blood and Unholy first - so I have not all which I need from Frost. But I'm getting there.

Frost (10/54/7) - Tanking and my arsenal link for my current spec.

If you are looking for advise on different tanking specs, just go to Deathknight.info and have a look at this post: Common Tanking Specs.

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