February 27, 2009

So much for saving...

Last night first time Naxxramas Heroic raid. It was all guildies, except one mage - and we got 3 of 4 quarters done, now only Military quarter, Saph and Kel are still allive.
And of course instead of saving DKP, I spent most of it. :) But it was rather Caster Chainmail day. And even though I bid only the lowest DKP, I got 3 pieces in the end. New gloves, a new chest and shoulders for my Enhancer equip.

That's when you go to Naxx with all the people who already have all the things.
The only problem I had yesterday was that sometimes even though we had people in the raid who had not seen all the bosses didn't get an explanation what the difference was to normal Naxx, I had to ask each and everytime - and before Patchwerk there was no ready check, the tank pulled... and was dead. His two healers had been, well doing something else and not paid attention. Hmmm... and then it took some time because people had run into the instance again instead of waiting for the rezz. Then the warlock (who was still dead) could not be rezzed, because he was watching TV and afk'ing - he would have been the only one to be able to port those who could not go through the blobbs before Patchwerk, they tried but all the healers were somewhere else.

Yeah, well done. The best part was, spamming recount data into Raid chat when the loot was being handed out. Just great.
I think that it's just not very polite to go afk when it is not something really important. And if you do: PLEASE SET YOURSELF UP TO FOLLOW SOMEONE. We waited on one of the druids before fighting Noth and we simply started without him.
But these things bug me.

So I had to cheer myself up by simply bugging the hell out of Utanka. Everytime he had an instruction for me I wrote a simple "No" in raidchat. I think they hate me now, or after Zikaja won the role over a nice Enhancer ring (I didn't really want it) I kept asking to not be in his group and that I would not give him Earth shield (he was my assigned tank) - it got to the point where Koldjan tried to reason with me that "when I was assigned something I needed to do it, the other Shamans do this too" - and I guess my "oh the other Shamans, I don't care about them, they are so blah" - I don't think he really got it.
I was laughing my ass off anyway. (muted microphone, of course)

But they kept assigning Zikaja to me anyway, for Patchwerk, for instance and I chatted away with him about how I put him in focus to spam my /lol macro when he was dead. Interestingly enough he got the joke, while everyone else kept being so busy of taking themselves so seriously. I just wish they had taken the instance seriously, sigh. I think we had finished off the Military quarter if that had been the case.

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