April 24, 2008

Ramparts Rampage

Pokayoke went to Ramparts last night to heal her first 5-man instance, ever. Two druids (one bear and a Boomkin), a Warlock and two Shamans (me and an Enhancer).

First pull, the bear didn't see that the second mob ran straight to me and I guess saw nothing but his big butt... so while I was off-tanking the add and healing I thought that this will be interesting and 'can I have my Fade button please?'.

So the bear was new to tanking, and I was new to healing with a Shaman.
We did wipe twice during the whole run, once on a 6-man group and then on the final boss.

It wasn't too bad, I had worse groups in there. The bad thing was that at the end, healer pants dropped and the Moonkin won the roll. WTF?
One more on my ignore-list. He was getting on my nerves about my specc and I actually was at the point where I just wanted to say that he should go over to elitistjerks.com and have a look at the post about Restoration Shamans and that he could actually learn something there.

I didn't even say anything about the warlock having his voidwalker out all the time and giving us no healthstone even after I asked for one... maybe a voidwalker was just his thing, who knows?

Usual random group, not very rewarding, but at least I learned something about healing with her and got a bit of XP.

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