April 23, 2008

Shaman builds and leveling

I have been trying to figure out how to level Pokayoke to 70.
She is now Elemental and still in the transition phase gear-wise from Enhancement to Spell-gear. I don't have leatherworking, so getting gear is limited to quests. I've been taking the mail/leather and all the stuff with spelldamage on it. But it's a bit less powerfull still than the kind of damage I did as Enhancement.

Still, I won't go back to that, I have been thinking about a healing specc instead. I don't do that much damage anyway, so I've been getting used to long fights and a bit of a frustrating questspeed.

But really, what's the rush? I have all the time in the world and leveling on a PvP server is harder anyway. The interruptions from getting killed by random 70ish-level-players who farm there or do the dailies, is enough of a hold-up. Why not take the chance to do the instances for reputation? They always look for healers. And even if I don't have any healgear at the moment, should be fun to start healing. I could go back to Elemental if I can't kill anything with that specc.

I'm thinking about it.


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