April 24, 2008

Poka's to do and to get list. Shinies!

Leveling up to 70 should be a piece of cake (manical laughter in the background), so what do I need to do and what should I'll be getting when I'm level 70?

Necklace: [Vindicator's Pendant of Salvation] (15.300 HP, 10 Eye of the Storm)
Ring1: [Vindicator's Band of Salvation] (15.300 HP, 10 Alterac)
Ring2: [Ancestral Band] (Thrallmar Revered)
Trinket1: [Lower City Prayerbook] (Lower City Revered)
Trinket2: [Alchemist's Stone] (Alchemy 350, 5 Primal Might, 1 Earthstorm diamond, 1 Skyfire diamond, 2 Fel Lotus)
Weapon: [Hand of Eternity] (Blacksmithing) / [Gavel of Pure Light] (The Sha'tar Exalted)
Offhand: [Crystal Pulse Shield] (Auction House)

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