March 02, 2009

High time

I really have been enjoying healing with my Shaman so far. But with Gorond in the wings of being 80 I have really been thinking of switching back to Enhancer for good.

It's a pity that healing gear is so easy to obtain, it feels wrong to let it just rot on the bank. And I really cannot be a damage dealer forever. It is easier in a lot of aspects, but the competition is much harder. It's a game, this should be fun. And the next time, enhancer stops being fun, I'll simply leave her sitting in Dalaran than switching back.

I know, Enhance Shamans are the worst for DPS at the moment. But for heroics and farming I am good enough, and that's all I need for now.
So I will be researching a pre-raid gearing guide for Enhance Shamans soon, and I need to test quick weapon in off-hand and 2 quick weapons as well. So testing dummies in TB, beware - you'll get a workout soon.

For later: - yes, there's a new priest on Todeskrallen. But, pssst. Got a few pointers from the hard-core-levelling-monster (also known as Hippo) and will test my hard-core-levelling skills. Even though I only have about a third of his time.
My approach might not be real hard-core, except on week-ends when there is time.

Now I'm off to get more coffee, and to actually get some work done.

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