March 04, 2009

Farewell Carbonite

Carbonite was a great addon, it was really cool for tracking quests and where you needed to go for certain mobs/drops. The one thing that won me over when I first used it was that it didn't use many resources and that there was this little extra map.

Well, two days ago it would say that my version had expired. And that I should download the new version from Well, first I checked via WoWMatrix if there was a new version, normally they would have told me if this was the case. But it said that my Carbonite was the current version.

So I went to their site as told - as I looked for the download I saw that they wanted to charge money for the full version. It was a true "wtf"-moment and as I began researching this error message I came to a long thread over at the Curse webpage.

It seemed that Carbonite Quest is the free version of Carbonite and that now there's a "bug" that gives out this message and locks it. I was kind of furious. I don't believe that this was coincedence, I think they left the code in to get more people to subscribe (yes, not to donate or pay a single amount) to their full version.

And exactly there I draw a line. I will never pay a SUBSCRIPTION for a mod. I can be swayed to donate an amount if the mod is good and I want to see it further developed- but a subscription?

It is interesting that with this "bug" they have successfully split the playerbase, and I think they are losing more users by the minute. I don't want to be nagged to pay for a mod every half an hour. I only need 2 minutes to de-install and get it over with. It's a thing I really miss when I'm questing but there are other mods out there and who knows? Maybe soon someone will rip off Carbonite.

But the thread on Curse is an interesting read. Good entertainment in the end. :)
Carbonite Quest @Curse Gaming

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