March 31, 2009

Thoughts of leaving

I wonder what I will do if certain people might quit the guild... yesterday night I kept thinking of "time for a new guild" - maybe it is time for our own guild?
Todeshauch is so far away from where it was when I first joined, so much is different.


I even started thinking about names... but I doubt it would be something that we really could pull off. Although I like the concept of a really small guild with skilled players, could be fun - as long as we wouldn't argue about loot or other stuff, like who is getting that raid spot and so on.

I really think Todeshauch has become unmanageable. So where do I go from here?
(and yes, I just thought about "Buffy") But it is a good question.


Christian said...

I wouldn't say it became unmanageable... I just think some people will need a big fat kick in the ass. Tomorrow will be a sit-in and the outcome will probably be harsh. We'll see. Krim said to me the whole situation reinds him of the days before WotLk... sadly, I have to agree.

berry said...

By "unmanageable" I meant that nobody actually knows what people actually want. I said why not make a list of things each one needs from Naxx or Sarth or whereever from, they all thought it was a good idea, but nobody followed up on it.

Am I a raidleader? Shouldn't this be done by them? Or are they not caring about the state of the equippment each char they invite brings to the raid?

I guess nobody really cares, nobody asks the class leaders if someone is ready for Naxx or if he/she might be a liability...

That's what makes me *not* raid with Todeshauch atm.