March 06, 2009

In the Shadow of Ulduar

PTR is running for a while, guilds get out first reports of trying new bosses - and promptly my guild feels the need to panic.

And I don't know what goes wrong this time. We could go to Naxx 10/25 each day. We have enough players who have recently got to 80 and would need the upgrades and to dust off the old raiding spirit.

But nothing happens, as long as the hardcore freaks wanted to equip their own alts, there were Naxx raids each week. They stumbled on Kel because they were arrogant and did not realise their alts weren't THAT imba. They pissed of the healers and didn't try again.

They are leveling the next alts, because they are bored. They want to test Ulduar but nobody joins them on the PTR. Simply because you cannot do this with a handful of players, you need 10 good players and the right specs.

We are not a raiding guild, but many had hoped this wasn't true. Soon the hardcore freaks will go again and join true raiding guilds. As they eventually did in BC, they all came back for what exactly? To do this just as they did in BC, when we couldn't get a decent raid together for Tempest Keep or Black Temple? This is a strong kind of dejavu.

As always it is the kind of thing that gets me wound up. You post something like "we don't have enough range of classes and specs and people to raid Ulduar" and you get back "we can compensate, as Blizzard said Bring the player not the class" - which rings in my ears as "we don't need more players, we can do just fine with the people who have gear now".
That gets me to a point where I just think, ah nevermind (would make this post M(ature) rated at least), I cannot be polite about this and it makes me create new chars on Servers like Malorne or something. It's like these people transform me into a nomad. New server, new guild? New faction?

I think I'll go play my Gnome DK on Malorne more. *sigh*

They will make us find random groups for Naxx. I'm in a guild for nothing... it's time to say goodbye again.

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