March 05, 2009

Too soon for Moon

The header line is lame, I know. My blog, pffff. ;)

So I learned a bit of a lesson yesterday when I talked to Xenixa on TS. He is one of the priests in my guild (and he is Austrian as well - just to note that not all of them are assholes.) and he constantly re-specs to whatever is needed. We talked a bit about dual spec and how much he has paid already for respecs. It was a four figure sum with a two up front - sheesh.

You see, I made a mistake. And I really feel bad about it. I respeced to Enhancer way too early. I should have stayed healer until Gorond (or Moonseed) are ready to fill that spot. Gorond did not have as much time to gather up all the stuff that is currently on Moonseed's bank waiting for her to hit 80 - and he is not as confident in healing than I am right now. I wasn't either when Poka was 80, I waited until I had 5 or 6 pieces that all screamed at me "go heal again".

He has not seen any of the other instances as well, and just saying that it will be easy doesn't make him trust it more. He'll have to see it first. He doesn't yet know that the worst heroic boss is Loken in Halls of Lightning, and that all others are a piece of cake, or a minor nuisance at best.

The only thing you need is a good tank and two damage dealers who can make at least 1500 DPS, and you are set. Of course you also need them to know the instance. But with decent gear they should have been there a lot.

I think the more easy instances are Violet Hold, Utgarde Keep, Utgarde Pinnacle (if they know what they are doing) and Nexus.
Violet Hold of course depends on which bosses you get, if the damn Voidwalker is showing up and the DPS doesn't kill the adds nobody can heal through that (okay, if all of them are in t7.5 then it is a piece of cake).

What is lacking right now is support from the guild (sounds familiar, yes?). Nobody needs heroics anymore at the moment, which is really bad for people who have just turned 80. Well, you can always go to Naxxramas, but if the well-equipped part of the guild is off playing alts or on the PTR servers - then as always it takes much much more time.

Need to have a bit more patience, but I do feel my blood-pressure rising again when anybody asks why we don't have decent healers in the guild. Or no Resto Shamans at all...

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