April 10, 2009

Bad timing.

So, I had a very mean argument going on the guild forums and then -- two of who are always the loudest pests there were kicked out of the guild -- apparently this happened during the night and of course they are furious.

They started bashing on me (in a thread that I wrote about two weeks ago) yesterday afternoon. And they of course went on to bash on me the whole day today. As if I were the reason they were kicked. Yeah, yay me. I cannot go online without hateful whispers and I should start putting people on ignore. But somehow I understand the hate, and I do understand the bashing.

But with every whisper I really hate the officers and the guild leader, it should go to them but they are not online, they are offline celebrating Easter away from their computers. I was looking forward to farm a bit on my Shaman and doing some heroics on my druid. But I cannot stay online for long without being ridiculed or hated at. It really pisses me off.
Last thing I read on the forums was that they want me out, almost all of them. And no response from anyone.
The guildleader came by and posted something but they dismissed it as worthless and he told me in chat "yeah, you'll probably get all the hate now :) ." that smiley at the end just so killed me, I felt tears start to fall. And went offline. That's all he said. Yeah, thanks a lot.

Probably everyone in officer chat on the forums is laughing their ass off, yeah she didn't saw that one coming.

So I'll probably leave the guild this night and will put everyone in the guild on ignore. A long list.

I thought about deleting my Shaman and my druid and to start from scratch. Without nobody knowing my new chars. But I think when I do that I won't come back. Ever.