April 29, 2009

Like a Ghost

Well, Duh means ghost doesn't it? And over the last weeks and months he really acts like one. He is someone I played a lot with on my old server and which I said my farewell to in November or December, I can't really remember, but it was last year.

I have been absent from my old server for about 4 months but now that my mom has bought Lich King and is still playing on my old server - well, let's just say I have a reason to dust off the old chars again. Which of course brings up older memories, good and bad.

So a while ago I see Duh pop up on his hunter once in a while on my new server. He leveled some toons there as well when I was still playing much more on my old server. As a kind of retreat when things got too boring.

Of course I've been curious as to why he is popping up on "my" server. Of course he can play where he wants to but I had forgotten that he is still on my friends list on some chars, so I was surprised to see him log on with his little hunter. And of course said "hi". And not only that. But you really cannot call it a conversation, not really. It was more me chatting at him not with him.

Yesterday it was really late and I wanted to have the bunny you get through the eggs and Noblegarden at the moment - for my priest on my old server. It was kind of an odd feeling, but since I gave her dual spec already and through that somehow opened up the chance to enjoy leveling her a bit as a Shadow - I could as well go for it.

So I make my rounds in Brill, get transformed into a bunny and hop here and there opening about 100 eggs - and yes the bunny was in it - and I cross to the forge and suddenly I see a Shadow priest stand there - I mouse over him and it is Duh's alt priest-

Well, after the really great conversations we had lately (yes, sarcasm incoming) I don't have him on my friendslist anymore so I didn't even know he was online at all. So I hop on over to him and well, play around him a bit, like sniffing his robe and hiding under his robe and laying an egg under his robe - just silly stuff like that. And suddenly I wish that it could be like really old times, like before Burning Crusade when we still had fun and I could make him laugh.

But he just ran past me and to the mailbox and waved hi. I said nothing, I just emoted that I pat him gently and then he waved good bye and went into the Inn, and I guess offline. I just went on hopping around and collecting more eggs until I had them all to eat 100 of them.

Clearly out of frustration. :)

Well, what it was I cannot say. Maybe it was purely coincidence. Maybe not, either way - I know that he'll always be a ghost for me. I can remember things that meant a lot to me, but now I'm not sure they ever exsisted. Maybe it was all in my head and I'm slowly going crazy.

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