April 01, 2009

Moms and gaming

For her birthday I got my mom a really cool thing: Belkin n52te - she wanted something to keybind things to and have easy access to a lot of buttons, so there you go.

She was a bit surprised I didn't get her Wrath of the Lich King for her birthday but I had totally forgotten about it. She has been mostly catching up with factions lately and has been grinding lowlevel quests for Ambassador and the Loremaster title. And she was really busy doing non-WoW related things that she always said I have a million other things to do, better not get Lich King yet.

And so it didn't make it on any of my birthday present lists...
I guess she will soon get the addon and go quest in Northrend.

Haven't been keeping up a lot with her character lately, I moved servers and haven't really taken care of her rogue (well, I never really did) - except give her my last Thorium bars for the Scholomance key quest.

She has a totally different playstyle and in the beginning I tried to get her to do what I thought this game was about (mostly playing in groups) - but she doesn't want to really play with other people - it just puts too much pressure on her. It took a long time for me to accept that this was just not for her. Still she is enjoying World of Warcraft immensely. She is a rogue for a reason. So she can stealth into places people normally only get to with raids - like she told me once that she had been to Stormwind and Ironforge and stuff like that.
And because she doesn't quest in groups and doesn't do instances, her means in this game are quite limited. She has no way of obtaining instance or raidloot, but at least in Northrend she will have access to nice Reputation rewards (with her love for quests she may be exalted with them all in no time) - I think that from her point of view things have really improved a lot.

If she buys Lich King, I might have to level my Paladin as well there (for Jewelcrafting) - and maybe my mage there as well (for Enchanting) - in that respect it is a real pain for her that I have changed servers. But I won't let her follow me, she would not be happy on a PvP server.

Sometimes it is better for me to remind myself that this game is not about loot, it can be about other things, too. And why would that be worth less than a Druid in t7.5 gear?

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