April 23, 2009

Where do I go?

So, now that the whole guild-leaving has happened and things have settled down a bit there is again of course the question: what's next?

Where do I go, what do I do and most important of all: what do I want to do? *sigh*
I have two level 80 characters on Die Todeskrallen and one lonely level 80 char on Dun Morogh. You know, that old server I originally came from? Yeah.

I know I know, no use beating on a dead horse - or somethin'. Wouldn't think that I'll ever go back to that place, but - yeah well.
Ziral, one of my original characters there, she got Dual Spec now. All set for her to level as a Shadow and still be able to heal with her Holy spec.
But I'm not going to take a complete step back but it was just nice when the thing with my guild went so bad - to log on and have nice whispers for a change.

I knew, too, that if I would leave Todeshauch behind it would have to be forever. I'm not going back. Even if everyone else that has left goes back or originally said would leave and still stays - and that is exactly what will happen - I won't go back. And I won't try to set anything right or even talk to them. This is a game and I'd rather spare me and them the humiliation. And I just don't care enough. They all just are afraid that once the guild is dead they'll have to find new people to raid with.

And it's so comfy now, you can raid, you can have fun, what's not to love? But to really make a cut and say, new start. That is not easy,
To wait and see if it might get better - that is more convenient. But if you want to build something new, you can't be emersed in the old.
You cannot expect a new guild to move somewhere if you are staying in the old.

The guild I am in now, does not really exsist. There's no real point in it. I could as well get my chars all into my twink guild - would be the same. And I start to give shit about the things people say, because it's the other way around the next day. It's okay, it is a game after all and you are not obliged to really do the things you say you do, like in the real world. But it would be nice to know if I can start looking for a real guild and new people if the people I want to play with stay in a guild I don't want to be in anyway.

Or go back to my old server or go and play something else entirely.

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