April 20, 2009

World of Bugcraft

I love patch 3.1 - not because of Ulduar or not even Dual Spec, but because of the daily puzzles Blizzard has in store for us.

There is a new game in the game - it is called "what bugs can I figure out today?". Mostly people might think it is addon related in some way. So when you encounter something that is not working for you, you blame it on an addon. And since I have nothing installed that automatically updates my addons, because Curse and WowInterface killed WoWMatrix just in time for the patch, it's always an old addon that is causing it.

But with all the stuff I have seen up to now - this just wasn't the case. I could not click on a posted profession in Trade chat, so I went to Curse to see if my version of Prat was bugged. There was a new version, installed it, went online and see, could klick on the profession! Bad addon, at least so I thought.

Yesterday again I couldn't click on a profession in chat, I got pretty annoyed. A random bug? Just as with the daily quests in Dalaran? You see, my lvl 80 Shaman could always do the daily Cooking quest, no problem. But my lvl 73 Warrior could only do it every other day, there seems to be no pattern yet. Same with the juwelcrafting daily. I can only do it every other day and it gets on my nerves.

Yesterday evening one of the riddles was solved, the riddle of the un-clickable profession: I was sitting in Dalaran and had nothing much to do. There in trade chat someone asked for a Tauren to post their Inscription. I asked why he wanted a Tauren to post it, and along posted my Inscription (being a Tauren I felt loved and cherished). he told me that there's a bug and that you can at the moment only click professions posted by your own race. Being a Tauren druid himself, I finally understood. Blizz is playing the race card here, omg!

So we got into talking about the different bugs Blizz has put in the game while I made him some glyphs. There is also one that seems silly but he said it had become a problem, there are some things going on with talent trees and missing points and he told me if I got any points missing I should open a ticket and that a GM had to fix his talent tree because he was at a point where he could not set any points.
So my DK should get his problem sorted out...

*sigh* I just don't know if I should be afraid to login now, there's been talk about hotfixes which did fix nothing but made things disappear. I hope my characters are still there when I log on...

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